Our post here is not about our products, Ayurveda or Yoga but about the brief journey that I got to share with a very evolved and sensitive being.

It's about the essence and sense of being, of the oneness we hold with nature and all its being.

I would like to share with you the silent loving tenderness of our family pup, who left us too early for his onward journey beyond this physical world

The realisation that a dog in the family brings to one of unconditional love is beyond anything that I have experienced. I deeply feel, you have only truly been loved in this life, if you have been loved by a dog. In the world of pictures and words, the joy of a life that is available to you, is priceless.

The going away of our dear Preto Sundar has been a challenge for me. To begin with I wasn't even aware that I so loved this little one, and how much a part of my living day he was. I had so resisted a pup addition in the family, with my two kids a joint family, work and everything else that I was already juggling, I very clearly verbalised my dis interest in potty training and comittments to walks and obedience training.

The silent presence of this companion is deeply missed. On my yoga mat in the morning, at the kitchen door when I cook, on my toes as we eat our meals on the table together ,at the main door as I leave and come from work and near the family temple as we sit to pray.

He was a bundle of naugtiness and affection. Always ready for a walk, including the daily drop and pick to the bus stop for the kids or a journey in the car. He had his stuff toys, whom he hugged to sleep... how heart melting that sight was.

Last evening I went for a walk around the block, and I kept mulling over how the walks were do different when they were with Sundar. His shining gorgeous coat, his majestic gait. He had grown fast, and after being attacked once by the colony strays, in which he almost was bit I had refused to walk him alone , even with a stick.

Yesterday as I crossed that place where the four holligans (strays) who had attacked us, I was so moved, the white fat indie , who had almost bitten me, didn't even look up as I crossed. I for the first time saw her as a innocent one, just defending her territory. With ofcourse no interest in me. Who am I to her without my dog. Infact none of the stray, whom we had identified by their response to us on our walks, given them names to suit their personality care about us anymore.

In a way we have been disconnected from this whole world which Sundar had given us an access into. This reminder is something I wanted to keep for myself, and this share here in this blog. Each creature on the planet is living his experiences and when we allow them into our spaces and they into theirs we are enriched to see another world through that lense. This is the gift of love of all beings.

The house is not the same without him, guess it never will be. He's loved us so purely that I feel fortunate he chose to walk the short while he walked this living journey with us.