Fresh turmeric root looks a little like ginger, but inside it can be red or yellow. The red is called kumkum and is considered sacred.

Only the yellow root is used in cooking and medicinally.

Turmeric is the best medicine in Ayurveda. It cures the whole person.

Turmeric is pungent, bitter, astringent, and heating and has a pungent vipaka.

Turmeric can be used by all doshas. It may stimulate Vata, but doesn’t aggravate it (cause an imbalance). Turmeric helps in digestion, it maintains the flora of the gut/ intestine, it reduces gas in the body, it has tonic properties, and is an antibiotic- even in topical applications.

Turmeric can be used for cough, sty, diabetes, hemorrhoids, cuts, wounds, burns, and skin problems. It helps reduce anxiety and stress.

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