All ancient knowledge across cultures talks about the value of the human touch, the thoughts, and emotions of the person doing the cooking, grinding, serving is said to have an extremely profound effect on the body, mind, and emotions on the recipient.

Touch generates feelings of well-being, relaxation, security, comfort, and stability. What emotion is felt by the giver, at a subtle level is digested by the receiver.

Touch and the feeling that we thus bring to our work, can strengthen the immune system and the psyche, restore balance, and aid regeneration. We thus believe in creating a playful reverence towards our work as worship. We hope to serve with our heart, as we work with our hands. This also is true for transfer of unwanted emotions and vibrations through food cooked, or work done by another

Blessed in these times to be touched and loved by another , be it food cooked with fondness by a loved one, being nursed in illness or a nice Sunday champi malish!!

The joy of being nourished in gentleness is unsurpassable!

A beautiful form of indulgence to our senses the is the classic nice warm head massage or champi...

The very nutritious and luxurious head massage oils- Amla Hair Oil, Amla Hibiscus Hair Oils, Amla Coconut Hair Oil, and Amla Bhrami Bhringraj Oil all made in small batches at our small family farm near the Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary, Gurgaon, provide one with an opportunity to be loved and show self love.

Head massage is said to have innumerous benefits for the scalp, roots of hair and the hair itself.

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