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5 Ways to Stay Calm and Centered if you don't have COVID.

Staying Centered, Being Available

1. Keep a Routine

Once it's bounded in a predictable rhythm the mind tends to stay calm. There is a sense of control that one can have over what's coming next. This is especially meaningful now, with so much uncertainty outside.

2. Stay Active

Engage in the daily routine, one may cook, clean, wash the dishes, play an instrument, draw, paint, do yoga, dance... be engaged in physical work.

It is most vital we move.

3. Breath

It would be beneficial for one to hold a short (25-30 mins) asana and pranayama practice daily, preferably in the morning.

It would support to "clean the vessel" of the mind, in the words of Sri Krishnamacharya.

4. Conscious Consumption

One may choose wisely what goes in the body and the mind. What we consume food, thoughts ideas/images make us.

Consume what you can digest and choose not to indulge in excessively negative news.

5. Sleep

Sleep is vital for recovery.

It is now more than ever, that one must value the intelligence of nature.

Respect Circadian Rhythms, they protect us and our immunity.

Sleep at the same time daily wake up early

Switch off devices by late evening so the body can ready itself to a restful state.

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