Feeding the body, mind and soul consciously.

We are not only what we eat (annam) but also what we consume from all our other senses. What we read, what we watch, what we put on hair and skin, all of this get absorbed by our body and become us. Thus, a healthy and regulated digestion of food, emotions, and experiences is vital for a healthy mind and fulfilling life.
Launched in 2012, Earth Organic was born out of an inherent love and service for nature. Almost all our products are produced and manufactured from our family owned farm. The farm and the unit both are organic certified by One Cert Asia Agri Pvt Ltd and SGS respectively; this in accordance with requirements of the National Programme for Organic Production (NPOP), India and the National Organic Program (NOP) technical standards (USA).
Our biggest certificate though is - TRUST. We trust and surrender to a larger good, and hope to bring goodness through our products to all.
We also support certain farming communities and initiatives that pull our heart strings. These, from across India are our sources for our base oils- such as coconut, sesame and groundnut oils. These communities from Coimbatore, Chennai, Jaipur and Himachal are thus service back to the farmers who serve the soil in earnest.


The Nangia 



The farm is owned and nourished by the dynamic duo of Amitabh Nangia and Gayatri Nangia. Their steady belief in Vasudev Kutumbakam is the great magnetic force that gives the farm such abundance. They share the gifts that nature gives with one and all around. The house and the farm is welcoming to all.


Six grandchildren are a source of great joy to the entire household. The children have a superb time playing in the mud, bathing under the sprinklers, feeding the cows and taking tractor rides.


Being close to nature and observing the marvels Mother Earth provides, makes them more humane towards the environment.


The Family Farm

The farm is 9.5 acres of sprawling beauty, each bit of it cultivated and nurtured by us with labour of love. We have 25 animals, cows from Desi Cows to Rajasthan's graceful Gir cows. The cow shed is beautifully built with visible brick work laid out in the most ergonomical way. One can feed the cows and hug them for there adorableness. We have a green house for our special herbs, a vermicompost (which nurtured the farm much before the cows came) and a beautiful Bio Gas plant, slug from which now makes our soil return great rewards.

Reach out to us if you would like to plan a corporate or family retreat on our farms.